So you think your a good driver!

Michael Schumacher, German racing driver

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I have never met a driver who thinks they are dangerous on the road or have bad spatial judgment, yet the statistics would indicate that a large percentage of drivers are a menace to other road users.

How many times do you see a driver who tailgates at speed?  The truth in many cases is that the best racing driver in the world could not stop from such a close distance, but apparently they believe their skills would make a Hamilton or Schumacher look like a learner driver!

Tailgaters  are a menace and endanger the lives of other road users with their total lack of knowledge about stopping distances and seem to rely on the driver in front to simply not stop suddenly under any circumstances.

The astounding thing is that many will tailgate on a wet and slippery road where it would take 4 times the distance they have allowed themselves to stop.

It used to be mainly young men who took these risks based on their apparently supernatural reflexes, magical car  that can out brake a Ferrari and super driving skills.

These days I am seeing more young women up my clacker with the same apparent supernatural skills. Why are they doing this? Are they of the view that gravity and the laws of physics adjust to suit their wants?

It is time that drivers were poperly educated about all the factors involved in stopping quickly. Below is a stopping distance calculator I hope will be seen by as many drivers as possible.

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